Press release – 4.5.2022

Lindstrands new collection 2022 takes safety to a new level

Lindstrands develops high-quality protective motorcycle clothing with modern details and a sporty appearance. The design is focused on riders who wish to push the limits without compromising on safety and performance. Lindstrands modern garment technologies ensure a high level of comfort and protection for the rider. The new collection takes safety to next level with innovative new features. Over the years, Lindstrands has achieved a significant position in the motorcycle clothing market and the new collection for 2022 is eagerly awaited.

The range of different categories of Lindstrands All Weather Technology collection could hardly be wider: Lindstrands has categories for the most demanding riders in the “Adventure” category, commuters and daily riders in the “Street” category and stylish designs in the “Urban” category.   Lindstrands is at home in almost all motorcycle categories. The strong position Lindstrands has in the Scandinavian garment market was reached because of the use of the latest technological solutions: such as the proprietary HI-ART® material that increases the abrasion resistance significantly, and the highly efficient, breathable membrane of DRYWAY + 2.0.

 Safety through comfort has always been the most important part of the product development of Lindstrands motorcycling garments throughout the brand’s history. The more comfortable the clothes feel the better the rider can focus on the essential – riding! The new collection for 2022 will take safety to the maximum level by presenting new features such as Airbag ready, Chest protector ready and a range of even more comfortable level 2 protectors.

Airbag Ready Solution

Jackets with the Airbag Ready Solution have been developed to be combined with any “stand alone” airbag system. Specific parts of the jacket has been developed and manufactured so that the jacked expands with the airbag in the unlikely event of an accident.

Chest protector ready

Chest Protector ready jackets are equipped with the unique protector pocket sleeves for Lindstrands one-piece FURUDAL chest protector. It is very fast, easy and comfortable to use. One more smart safety feature from the brand.

 Even more comfortable level 2 protectors

The protectors in the new collection are made of a lighter material, they are thinner than before, and they include air holes for better comfort. The protectors are compatible with all Lindstrands riding products and have an adaptive adjustment thanks to a unique fastening mechanism. They also reach the highest level 2 standard and have been tested in both hot and cold conditions.

“Safety clothing has to fit comfortably so that riders can focus with all their senses on what is important: the road in front and the traffic. This not only protects the rider from accidents but helps them to enjoy the trip. We also know that our customers trust their garments under extreme conditions. Dust, gravel, dirt and moisture are the typical conditions for Lindstrands products, which is why we select robust and easy to clean materials, “explains Peter Storgård, Head of Design of the Duell Bike Center Group and responsible for developing the company’s garment brands, Lindstrands and Halvarssons.

As an important part of the development process, all Lindstrands garments and protectors have to pass complex test scenarios according to the EU regulation for protective clothes. During the certification, the abrasion resistance, the impact absorption, the tear strength, and the strength of the seams are tested. Depending on the quality and results of the tested garment, the certificates vary depending on their purpose and/or safety level. The markings include AAA, AA, A, B and C. It goes without saying that Lindstrands goal is not to meet the minimum requirements of the EU legislature, but to ensure maximum safety for the user. Finally, almost all Lindstrands jackets and trousers achieve the AA class according to the EU standards EN 17092 for protective clothing for motorcyclists.

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Lindstrands offers an extensive range of motorcycling garments and accessories. With modern details and sporty appearance, the design is focused on riders who wish to push the limits without compromising on safety and performance. Established in 1891 in Malung, Sweden, Lindstrands began making boots for motorcycle riders back in the 1950s. Through the years Lindstrands has evolved into a strong brand whose collection represents the latest technology, innovative and high-quality textiles combined with stylish urban look. As they say, “If it works in Scandinavia…”. For further detailed information on the products and a shop locator please visit:

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