Press release – 3.5.2022

Halvarssons presents new garments for the 2022 collection


  • Swedish premium brand offers high-quality motorcycle garments made of leather and textile
  • Heritage of more than 75 years combined with state-of-the-art technology
  • Safety through comfort according to the highest standards

(Mustasaari , Finland, 3 February 2022)
Halvarssons, a brand rich in tradition and high quality from Sweden, presents its latest garment collection for motorcycle riders. With a full range of new jackets and pants in both the premium all-season and classic leather category but also innovations in functional underwear, protectors and gloves the new collection is the biggest brand expansion in years. Founded in 1946 in Malung, the center of Scandinavian motorcycle garments, Halvarssons covers the complete range from touring and adventure riders to Café racers and urban commuters. Well known for Scandinavian premium the garments are tested under all weather conditions and work in the summer heat as well in the coldest winters. After the brand was taken over in 2019, the new 2022 collection is the first range fully designed by the experts from the biggest Scandinavian motorcycle aftermarket distributor Duell. The new Halvarssons collection will be available from March onwards. Halvarssons’ leather jackets are available from selected specialist retailers at prices from 399 euros, the textile jackets at prices from 229 euros, both for women and men.

 Peter Storgård, Head of Design & Product Management at Duell, is proud of the results: “To take over such a traditional and successful brand like Halvarssons and have the responsibility to develop the complete range of rider garments to the next level of evolution was a great honour for me and my team. With deep respect for the heritage and DNA, we carefully adapted and linked the garments to the latest technology innovations. As a result, we see rider garments which are still immediately perceived as classic Halvarssons garments but offering safety and comfort according to the highest international standards.”

Made with Triple Stitch, both the leather and textile fabrics offer comprehensive safety and comfort elements, which pushed the brand in the top segment of high-quality motorcycle garments. Halvarssons leading position in the Scandinavian clothing market will be strengthened in particular because of the use of the latest technological solutions: such as the proprietary HI-ART® material that increases the abrasion resistance significantly, or the highly efficient, breathable membrane of DRYWAY + 2.0. The entire Halvarssons portfolio includes individually sized protectors, gloves, underwear and accessories. Selected Halvarssons jackets are offered airbag-ready.

Safety through comfort

Highest safety standards, a comfort fitting and elegant design are not mutually exclusive. Halvarssons has proven this for many years with its leather and textile collections, which follow the brand’s slogan “Safety through Comfort”. “Safety clothing has to fit comfortably so that riders can focus with all their senses on what is important: the road in front and the traffic. This not only protects the rider from accidents but helps them to enjoy much more of the ride”, explains Peter Storgård.

As an important part of the development process, all Halvarssons garments and protectors have to pass complex test scenarios according to the EU regulation for protective clothes. During the certification, the abrasion resistance, the impact absorption, the tear strength, and the strength of the seams are tested. Depending on the purpose of the garments the jackets reach the highest certifications from AA to a maximum of AAA according to the EU standards EN 17092 for protective clothing for motorcyclists. It goes without saying that Halvarssons’ goal is not to meet the minimum requirements of the EU legislature, but to ensure maximum safety for the user.

Quality that you can feel, and which protects

From modern and functionally designed textile clothing to the classic leather collections, as well as safety features, all garments have numerous other quality attributes that promise the highest level of comfort. From the outer material to the inner lining, up to six layers of different materials are processed, which perfectly fit together. The outer material, regardless of whether it is leather or textile, is for example triple stitched in the vulnerable areas such as shoulder, elbow, hip or knee.

Under the outer layer there is a unique and extremely abrasion resistant fabric that was developed by Halvarssons: HI ART®. It is located in the particularly vulnerable areas and increases the protection against abrasion: HI ART makes leather 200% stronger, and textiles no less than 500% stronger. As a proprietary technology, HI ART® is used exclusively by Halvarssons and its sister brand Lindstrands.

The third layer is the built-in protectors. They are adapted to the body size and are additionally equipped with Velcro sewn in to keep the armour in place and for ease adjustment.

The all-season collection is wind and waterproof. To ensure optimal protection, Halvarssons only use the highest quality membranes from the manufacturer of the brands DRYWAY, DRYWAY + and DRYWAY + 2.0. The material allows moisture vapor to escape from the inside, while keeping wind and rain out. DRYWAY + 2.0 is extremely effective: it has a waterproof value of 10,000mm and a 30,000g/m2/24h breathability value. These values are state of the art in the absolute top class of comparable protective garments currently available on the market.

In order to increase the comfort even more, there is an additional layer of “Air Mesh” fabric under the DRYWAY membrane on many products. Finally, there is the inner lining, which is closest to the body of the rider: Halvarssons uses sewn-in or removable inner linings made of mesh fabrics, depending on the model and design. Often high-quality fabrics from OUTLAST® are also used, which optimize the excellent ventilation and heat exchange. The winter collection also has a warm lined and quilted lining.

It should not be forgotten that sustainability and animal welfare are important to Halvarssons when choosing the materials. “Our processed goat and cow leather are 100 percent by-products from meat processing,” says Peter Storgard. 

Protectors, gloves, and underwear

To match the collection, Halvarssons offers protectors for the back, shoulders, chest, hip, elbows, and knees in different sizes. The program is completed by gloves, underwear, and extensive accessories.

Halvarssons is now available from selected retailers. For further detailed information on the products and a shop locator please visit

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