Duell info – 29.3.2022

Catalogs must be ordered in advance in future

We have decided to take a step in a more environmentally friendly direction and in the future we want to ensure that our printed catalogues are only sent to those who need them. So far, we have sent the catalogues to everyone automatically, but based on the feedback we received, they are unnecessary for some of our clients and they prefer to use the digital catalogues at our webshop.

If you want the printed catalogue in the future, please remember to pre-order it in our webshop! The catalogues can be ordered free of charge according to the schedule below. We will also always remind you by email two weeks before the pre-order period expires. After the pre-order period expires, we will have only limited number of catalogues in our webshop and they will be charged separately.


Catalogues available for pre-order free of charge:

Must be ordered before 1.4.:

Q10-104-22 // Onroad/Off-road: Motorcycle parts and accessories

Q10-113-22 // Onroad/Off-road: Tyres

Q10-114-22 // Oils, lubricants and chemicals


Must be ordered before 9.12.:

Q10-100-23 // Onroad/Off-road: Motorcycle rider gear

Digital catalogues available 24/7

Our catalogues can be conveniently found in our webshop as a digital version. Digital versions always appear first and they are always up to date!


Read and download the catalogues here!
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