ABNET cleaning products now in Duell’s range

One cleaner for many different purposes
ABNET is a high-quality cleaning composition that, thanks to its special properties, replaces the need for several different cleaners. The product is ideal for cleaning vehicles and workshops as well as for industrial needs. The cleaner can be used for both indoor and outdoor cleaning and is designed for use on all types of surfaces, such as hard and soft surfaces. ABNET cleans, removes grease and bad odors. Acts as a stain remover, makes the surface like new and leaves dirt repelling coating.

Multiple test winner
ABNET’s carefully developed cleaner formula enables an efficient cleaning result in all situations, and the product is a multiple test winner in the cleaning of a camper, car and boat. ABNET ® cleans even the heaviest dirt without damaging the surface, the user or the environment!

Biodegradable and gentle on users, surfaces and the environment
Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, ABNET has developed a durable and ecological formula that is biodegradable. The content does not contain strong chemicals, solvents, bleaches or silicones, so it is completely non-toxic and harmless. The product meets the requirements of the Nordic Swan Label, is part of the REACH Regulation and meets the requirements of national and European legislation.

  • Guaranteed the best result 
  • Multiple test winner
  • Easy to clean on all types of surfaces
  • User and environment friendly
  • Saves time and money