Over 70 years of experience with motorcycle helmets

Since the 1940s, Schuberth has produced high-quality protective helmets and equipment for motorcyclists, formula drivers and firemen. Protecting the environment and resources is one of their main attributes in the production, and that makes Schuberth’s products a sustainable choice for car motorsports gear.

Schuberth is a Germany-based producer with its main focus on headgear in motorsports, and they have expanded their market to an international level. All of their motorcycle helmets are produced with manual labour, ensuring you the best possible quality whether you are a professional cyclist or a hobbyist. In fact, Schuberth’s helmets have been used by several Formula 1 drivers such as Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso

With nearly a hundred years of history behind the company, Schuberth has been an active manufacturer of protective helmets for more than 70 years. Schuberth helmets are manufactured as environmental-friendly as possible, using processes that save energy and resources. The company uses its own wind tunnel or acoustics laboratory to test each helmet they produce to guarantee their performance is at their best, so you can be sure you will be safe and sound with their helmets protecting your head.

In 2019, the MOTORRAD magazine rated Schuberth as the best brand in helmets for the 15th time in a row. The vast selection of high-quality motorcycle and racing helmets ensures that you will find the one that meets your cyclist needs

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