Icon of excellence in motorsports tyres 

Pirelli tyres represent high-end quality, premium performance, and innovative technology. Founded in Milan, Italy in 1872, Pirelli is one of the world’s leading premium tyre producers in more than 160 countries. For motorcycles, Pirelli produces two brands, Pirelli and Metzeler, both known from their award-winning quality. Pirelli is the only major tyre producer that focuses only on the consumer tyre market.

You can spot Pirelli’s Italian heritage in powerful performance, distinct design, and in a wide range of consumer tyres. Pirelli’s tyre models include specific lines for on-road and off-road use. All Pirelli tyres are made to meet the most challenging needs in racing. For all the weather conditions, roads, and for the true competitive spirit!

Italian tyre pioneer is known for premium-partner sponsorships in the top of the world’s best athletes. Iconic Pirelli logo is a famous sight in Rally World Championships, Formula One races, and in historic football club FC Internazionale Milano’s gear. Pirelli has featured in more than 460 motorsports championships for cars and motorcycles!

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