Safe grip and top performance in all conditions

Michelin is one of the legendary tyre manufacturers globally, and we are happy to distribute the top-quality tyres to our adventure-loving customers.

Besides car tyres, Michelin has a long history of first-rate manufacturing motorcycle and scooter tyres which you can find from our selection. We deliver Michelin tyres to our customers in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Michelin motorcycle and scooter tyres include, for example:

  • Roadster
  • Trial
  • Motocross
  • SuperMoto
  • Enduro
  • Adventure
  • Touring and Cruiser
  • Scooter 

There are many reasons why Michelin tyres are the first choice for many scooters and motorcycles. Award-winning tires are a familiar sight on racing tracks and a steady pick for beginners and city riders.

With decades of technology leadership, Michelin has released many innovations. As a result, Michelin tyres are well-known for their safety and durability in all conditions, even when the tires have been through many miles.  

Michelin has also launched the first scooter tyres with innovative lamellae that maximise the grip even in wet or otherwise challenging conditions.

The benefits of Michelin tyres in short:

  • Safe and steady riding experience: Excellent wet grip, handling and stability.
  • Ride longer: Top performance even when the tyres have seen many miles.
  • Ride anywhere: Michelin has solutions for city, muddy roads, racing arenas and highways.
  • Enjoy the tech advantages: Only the best is enough, which is why Michelin is constantly developing tires to meet the challenges of the new generation.

 You can count on Michelin’s performance from the first start to hundreds of miles. So when you want to become one of the retailers, contact us!