High-performing Scandinavian motorcycle garments for the extra mile

Lindstrands makes motorcycle clothes for those who like to stand out and live life to the full. The Swedish-based brand will help you to take the extra mile, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional.


Established in 1891 in Sweden, Lindstrands began its journey in modern powersports garment manufacturing back in the 1950s. Lindstrands started from the boots, but nowadays the collections range from jackets, trousers, and underwear to accessories. Collections include garments for both men and women.

Lindstrands garments are designed to last in terms of style, safety, and comfort. The Scandinavian roots ensure that the best technical materials are used, as all garments must meet the fast-changing weather conditions. For example wind- and waterproof textiles, ventilation, and removable linings will help you to ride in every weather without losing comfort.

Lindstrands takes safety very seriously, and the garments are strictly tested before launching. As only the best materials are used, Lindstrands developed its own material, which makes garments even stronger. HI-ART material is used in especially exposed areas to increase abrasion resistance. It makes leather 200 percent stronger and textiles no less than 500 percent stronger!

Attention to detail is the core of Lindstrands garments, and you can upgrade your sporty motorcycling style with garments, that have bright color details, modern cuttings, and distinctive patterns.

Lindstrands is a brand owned by us, Duell Bike Center. Do not hesitate to be in touch when you want to find out more about the best Scandinavian brands!