Premium motorcycling garments from Scandinavia

Halvarssons is a premium brand of motorcycling garments that represents the finest Scandinavian quality. The Swedish brand was established in the 1940s, since when it has been the leader of classical, top-quality Scandinavian motorcycle garments. Based on a firm foundation of craftsmanship, passion for detail, and the highest level of protection, this tradition continues to live on in Halvarssons garments.

Halvarssons offers a wide range of motorcycle garments for all seasons for both men and women. The Swedish brand is known for its leather garments, such as classical jackets, pants, and accessories. Halvarssons combines the best features of long-lasting leather and technical textile, which makes all garments long-lasting, safe, and comfortable in every weather.

“Safety through comfort” is the mindset that determines Halvarssons clothing. All Halvarssons garments are designed to fit perfectly, as the materials allow the freedom of movement and there are many adjustments in every garment. For example ventilation, removable linings and protectors help you to find the best fit in every weather.

All Halvarssons garments go through strict safety tests as their protection, durability, and resistance are tested. Halvarssons keeps developing its leather and textile motorcycle garments using the proven quality materials and features to accommodate and protect you.

As a Scandinavian-born brand, Halvarssons also prepares every garment to be safe and comfy in every season, whether it was rainy, sunny, or snowy. If it works in Scandinavia – it will work everywhere.

Halvarssons is a brand owned by Duell Bike Center. Explore the newest collection on our website!

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