When your vehicle is in need of lubricating, Castrol is there to help

Castrol is a British brand of industrial and automotive lubricants with global success. They produce a vast range of oils and greases needed for most lubricant applications, and their goal is to reduce their customers’ carbon footprint and use of resources with the help of their sustainably-made products.

The variety of different oils and greases ensures that you shall find the right lubricant for your needs; whether you are on or off the road or on water, you will surely find what you are looking for.

With the roots of Castrol originating as far as 1899, their lubricants have been used on the road for tens of years, and their products have gained worldwide acknowledgment as well as usage. Castrol has been a vital supplier to many racing teams and their products have helped win several races over the years. After well over a hundred years of experience in automotive lubricants, you can be sure their oils and greases will not fail you in action.

If there is any part in your car or motorcycle that needs lubricating, Castrol’s products are just the remedy your vehicle will need; they have oils and greases for every piece. You will get the best products from Castrol, as they have been perfected with the help of their quality department as well as the extensive knowledge of automotive lubricants.

Castrol has been closely involved in Formula One and has supplied teams like McLaren, Williams, Team Lotus, Brabham, Jaguar and Renault. They have also been actively involved in NHRA drag racing and several other motorsports. 

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