World-class quality from the industry pioneer  

There is only one world leader in professional racing products. Established in Italy in the 1960s, Alpinestars is the top of mind brand of motorsports products, professional sponsorships, and benchmark quality.

Since the early years of the brand, Alpinestars’ enduro and motocross boots have been the legendary bestseller in the field of motorsports. Nowadays, the range includes everything you need for the best performing motorsports from racing to free time gear. The world-leading brand carries a vast selection of professional racing products, high-performance apparel, professional motorsports footwear, and airbag protection for motorcycling.

More than fifty years of product manufacturing, precise testing, and constant innovations have made Alpinestars as the trendsetter of the industry. Professional Alpinestars’ products are made for demanding use and built to perform in extreme conditions. The Italian brand has also won many design awards, as the comfort and the ergonomics of the products are top-quality.

Alpinestars manufactures the most advanced technical equipment for leading racing athletes in world-class motorsports areas. Sponsorships include, for example, Formula 1, NASCAR, World Motocross, and MotoGP races, where you can spot world-leading athletes wearing Alpinestars’ gear.

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