“Award-winning communication systems for motorcyclers while in motion “

Cardo makes your motorcycling with your friends twice as fun, as you can communicate via headphones while riding. With cardo communication products, you can connect wirelessly with your friends via Bluetooth, turn on the radio on your headphones, and make noise-canceling phonecalls. Based on advanced technology and ultimate usage comfort, Cardo is known all over the motorsports world as the world-beater of communication systems.

The core of the Cardo’s products is based on in-depth knowledge of the motorcycling lifestyle. Every product goes through strict testing, and only the best solutions survive to remain. As the JBL sound system in the headphones is based on powerful high-definition technology and specially-tuned audio processor, you can hear every sound from the headphones over the roar of the engine.

Cardo is made for enjoyable rides, no matter if you are riding in the big cities, the countryside or the middle of nowhere.  Waterproof design ensures that you can use Cardo products in extreme weather conditions. The Bluetooth connection system is mighty, so you can use and direct the sound, calls and radio without the need to raise your hands off the bars. You can use Cardo products with only voice commands – say ”Ok, Cardo,” and you are ready to go!

Cardo is an excellent example of our must-have motorcycle gear, which makes your ride more enjoyable. Check our Cardo selection from our website!